Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Track time spent by operators on tickets, creating a time sheet for each ticket and operator.

by SupportPal Limited




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Time Management


Run a timer in the ticket view

The plugin adds a timer to the ticket sidebar, allowing you to start, pause and stop a stopwatch that can be used to accurately count the amount of time you've spent working for that ticket.

Add known time entries at any time too

Add Time Entry

Carried out some work while not using the help desk or forgot to use the timer? You can also manually add a time entry for a specific time and date. A description can be added as well marking if the entry is billable to the client.

Get a quick overview of time spent on a ticket

Ticket Timesheet

The timesheet tab will show you the total time spent by all operators on a given ticket, as well as if any of that time is billable to the client.

View a timesheet of entries logged by all operators

Timesheet Report

The plugin includes a timesheet report so you can get a quick glimpse of the time spent by all operators on all tickets between a period of dates, with the option to export too.